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Heating Solutions with JUPITER

The excellent rate of heat transfer ensures that the underfloor heating system can be very accurately controlled. DigitalTile is exceptionally quick to warm up due to its excellent thermal conductivity of 1.3 W/mK and its minimal thickness of 18mm.

Excellent Heat Transfer and Storage

By comparison, conventional screeds only achieve thermal conductivity values between 0.35–0.38 W/mK and are potentially four times thicker. This saves you heating time and energy costs.

Heat Pumps and DigitalTile

The high thermal conductivity and low mass of the DigitalTile in combination with a heat pump represents the ideal combination between cost-saving and environmentally conscious heating. Capable of an output of 75W/m² with a low flow temperature of 35°C.
As a result of the high quality manufacture incorporating more than 30% chamotte, DigitalTile boasts outstanding thermal conductivity and exceptional heat retention.

Screed Replacement Tile – as a Load Bearing Surface

Historically the Screed Replacement Tile has been primarily used as a dry alternative to screed. The interlocking system provides a strong and stable surface on which all floor finishes can be installed – uniquely tiles and large format stone of any size can be adhered directly without the need for decoupling systems.

DigitalTiles as Finished Floor

The unique printing and glazing process has been proven in the external façade industry for years. The ceramic tiles you see on the side of building are created using the same technology. They have proven to be extremely weather resistance and the same applies for the DigitalTile siblings.

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