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Heating Systems

The Printed Flooring Solution – A Unique Combination

DigitalTile Title-02

Heating Solutions with JUPITER

The Screed Replacement Tile revolutionised underfloor heating solutions when it was launched over 20 years ago. The speed in which in can be installed, its strength, its minimal thickness makes it an attractive alternative to conventional building methods.

Imagine a floor tile that acts as a screed and a floor tile in one. Imagine being able to determine any finish you want. The DigitalTile is all of this – an 18mm tongue & grooved, interlocking ceramic tile that is installed directly over a panel based underfloor heating system.

Simplicity and Strength

Remarkably strong and so simple to install. DigitalTile tiles are glued together, not down. Cleverly, the adhesive doubles as the grout which again, speeds up the installation process. DigitalTile is fully tested and is capable of taking high point loads making the system perfect for both commercial and residential applications.

Another incredible benefit – no unsightly movement joints required up to 500 m². Just keep on tiling!